Achieve work–life balance with WFH Studio: System

Stay on top of your work from home life with our foundational suite of templates, built and customized for the Notion user who seeks to create a central hub to manage both work, life, and personal goals.

What is WFH Studio: System?

WFH Studio: System is a result of carefully crafted and tested templates that prioritizes a goal-oriented method of working that strives to optimize flow states for high-quality work, and a strategic approach to productivity that allows for time back in the work day for personal growth and commitments.

While Notion's platform comes with pre-made templates, we have discovered that a custom "system" is required in order to integrate all of the different Tasks and Projects that often arise out of a typical Client interaction. Our System is a result of our own Studio's best practices, and we've developed a system of connected pages and databases that seamlessly integrate Tasks (micro) within Projects (macro) to help you stay focused and productive.

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